PAT is designed to develop speed, fluency and accuracy in word finding, spelling and handwriting.


The PAT (Phonological Awareness Training) programme is designed to help children to read, spell and write phonically regular words.  The programme covers a very precise aspect of literacy development and should not be regarded as a complete reading programme.


Children need to experience a wide range of picture books, stories, poems and rhymes to develop literacy skills.  This programme is designed to be used alongside these and not to replace them.


The programme aims to train children to read and spell words by making analogies.  By this method, children who have some knowledge of single sound/symbol associations of the alphabet, can learn to spell and read many words through the commonly occuring "rimes".  These materials do not deal with irregular words, spelling rules or words of more than one syllable.  The aim is to give children a quick and easy entry to reading and spelling.  In addition to this we have found that when children have been encouraged and reminded to use a joined cursive style of writing when completing the worksheets, handwriting has improved considerably.  The daily 10 minute programme can provide intensive work on reading, spelling and handwriting all within the same activity.


These activities are suitable for children aged 7 years and upwards.  They are particularly useful for children with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia).